Friday 8 June 2018

A day of Brusho - Heaven

Hey everyone!

How are you?

I'm sharing with you today some images from a recent Brusho workshop I had the pleasure of teaching at Altrincham Society of Artists. 
Having demonstrated Brusho techniques for the society last year they invited me back to offer a full day workshop. I jumped at the chance of course and I'd like you to see what a fantastic day we had.

The group were kind enough to allow me to record the day with photographs and give you all a little snippet of what we got up to.

All set up with my HUGE stack of Brusho pots. I have purchased a large amount over the years so that  I can provide participants in my workshops with all the colours.

I have now added Brusho acrylic sprays and SprinkleIT to my collection

 I provide colour samples and worksheets with all the techniques.

We began with some basics. Here's me demonstrating how to get to know the colours, playing with both dry and wet pigments, sprinkling, spraying, blending, and enjoying the wide variety of rich shades available. Brusho is so vibrant and intense in colour and I encouraged the participants to embrace this with our experiments.

I believe in using Brusho to its maximum, to allow it to do what it does best. Here's me really throwing all sorts of ideas into my demonstration to get everyone feeling free and relaxed about beginning their own creations.

Using my worksheet and demonstrations as a starting point everyone then set up experiment with their own ideas.

Wet into wet to create soft blended edges, sprinkling on dry paper and blending with water to produce lighter tones, using wax resist, using bleach to create highlights, building up layers of colour to add depth and dark tones and sprinkling salt into wet brusho for a textured effect.

Here are some of their wonderful creations.

During the afternoon we worked on individual paintings based on a variety of floral imagery. Check out my next blog next month to see an in depth step by step Iris painting and some of the fantastic examples created in the workshop.

See you then


You can check out Altrincham Society of artists here 

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  1. Wow looks like an amazing day was had by all. Haven't played with my Brushos for ages 😊


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