Monday 18 June 2018

Being Happy - art journal with Ewelina

I have recently been talking a lot to a friend of mine who has been stuck in a vicious circle of unhappiness for quite a while now. For years, they have been keeping their feelings, worries, needs and heartache to themselves trying to protect their family and everyone else around without realising that in fact, they were hurting every single person they were trying to save from worry.


I am a strong believer that we create our own happiness and that sometimes it might take some very hard work but, end of the day, it's all up to us how happy we are. Sometimes, it means that we have to make ourselves vulnerable and open up, share our feelings, make fools of ourselves, cry, admit to weaknesses - that takes courage but... happiness is so worth it!!!

With that playing on my mind, I sat down to play with my Art Journal... I needed a release...

I only used 4 Brusho colours here - Terracotta, Gamboge, Orange and Black - but achieved an amazing array of shades. This is probably the best thing about Brusho!

Here is my tutorial:

Thank you for stopping by!

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