Wednesday 13 June 2018

Summer Postcards with Suzi

Good Day, Today I'd like to share with you some Postcards I've created using Brushos with different mixable mediums.  Here's a few photos showing how I created my project;

First of all I took some Watercolour Postcards and added some masking tape, leaving about an Inch on the right hand side of the card clear, to which I added a few layers of White Gesso.
I then took some Liquitex Modelling Paste, Brushos in Cobalt Blue and Leaf Green, and a palette knife.
I then mixed up the Paste and Brushos to create a Blue Paste, and a Green Paste.
Look at the gorgeous intensity of those colours, so lush.

I then took a Tile patterned stencil, and put the blue paste through it onto the gesso'd area.
I left this to dry for about an hour, before removing the masking tape.
I then added some Green Paste to the bottom of the Postcard, using the Palette Knife to create a grass like texture.
I then left the Postcard to dry overnight.

The next stage was to take some Gloss Gel Medium and Brushos in Yellow, and mix together to create a Yellow Paste.
I then took a Sun Ray Stencil and applied the paste through it with a Palette Knife.
I then left the Postcards to dry overnight.
Once dry the paste becomes transparent and shiny.

I then mixed up some Brushos in Turquoise with some water to create a paint.
Here's a close up of the finished Postcard;

This was such a fun project, I love the intensity of colour you can get with the Brushos, doesn't seem to matter what medium you mix them with, you get wonderful colour everytime, and you don't need to use much of the powder.  

I hope you've enjoyed seeing how I created this project.
That's all from me for now
Happy Crafting

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