Saturday 2 June 2018

Kozo hand stitched Journal

Hi Everyone!

Lovely to be here on the blog this lovely warm sunny Saturday...

My project today is a handmade stitched binding journal made using Kozo paper, Brusho and SprinkleIT.

Have you tried Kozo paper from Colourcraft yet?  it is fabulous to work with and the piece I am crafting with today is embossed with a leaf pattern..

I really holds colour well too, but does take a wee bit time to dry given the thickness of the paper, I spritzed it with water then tapped on brusho in the colours turquoise, sunburst lemon and ultramarine

you can spray more water over the top of the sprinkled brusho to help it blend out, until all your white bits are gone (should you wish to leave white bits that's fine too) then, tap over some sprinkleIT with a dry paintbrush before you dry with a heat tool until completely dry.

Once I was happy with how my kozo paper was looking, it was time to assemble my book, by attaching my kozo paper to my book base and assembling my signatures and stitching these together before fixing into my book cover.

These little books would be great as a photo album, address book or even as a travellers notebook.

I also added cord ties as a method of closure for my book, these were added in when the signatures were fixed into the book.

I hope you enjoyed today's project and I shall see you again in 2 weeks time :)

Have a lovely weekend



  1. Really enjoyed this idea Sarah.thank you Rita

  2. Thank you Rita, glad you enjoyed the project x

  3. Gorgeous paper. Wonder if it’s in Sydney


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