Friday 20 March 2020

Using Photos for a Memory Quilt

I bought some fabric whilst on holiday and am going to quilt with them. It's been in my "to-do" pile for a while, but since quite a lot of my work has been cancelled at the moment I am going to get sewing!

The quilt will be on the theme of my holiday - nature: leaves, trees, mountains, wildlife. I have been inspired by the quilting of Nicholas Ball from Bernina at the 2019 Festival of Quilts and getting into improv triangle blocks and I'm also interested in his leaf skeleton block 

I then realised that a great link to the holiday memory quilt would be to include some of the photos I took!
It's been lovely to look back through my photos and choose some to print out on my inkjet printer to transfer to fabric.
It is worth remembering:

  •  that when you transfer images, they will be reversed, so if you want your photo to be the same as you took, flip it in the image programme before you print. This is especially important if there is any words in your image.
  • that the transferred image will be a little muted, so choose images with contrast, and possibly increase the contrast of your image.
  • it is best to make sure fabric is washed and ironed before image transfer.
  • protect your work surface

First, you apply a coat of image transfer medium to your fabric (or paper if you are creating with paper)

Then coat the image with Image Transfer Medium, and apply it face down onto my fabric

Smooth the back of the image. I used the back of a spoon to make sure the image adhered to the fabric

 Let it dry thoroughly. 
Apply water to the image 

Rub the paper from the fabric to leave the transferred image. Then leave to dry.

I'm going to transfer some more images, work at my various block ideas and then audition them into position to make my holiday memory quilt.

This process is likely to appear on my Instagram feed

I'm booked to teach some workshops at this year's Festival of Quilts and Colourcraft will have a stand. Really hoping this will be able to go ahead from 30th July, but if you do buy tickets or book on workshops, you will be refunded if the festival has to be postponed. 

Hope to see you there!

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