Monday 16 March 2020

String Pulls with Brusho's

Hello Colourcraft friends.  I saw some string pulls at a friends blog recently and wondered if they would work with Brusho's.  I haven't actually tried this technique before so I checked the video she recommended and picked up some tips.  Then I grabbed some card, string, an old book and some Brusho's and gave it a go. 

Here's what I ended up with.  They remind me of Calla Lilies.

This was one of my first attempts!!!!  Ummmmm, not so pretty LOL.  I think the string was too wet and I didn't pull it fast enough.  Try again......

Oooh, yes, much more the thing.  I mixed Crimson Brusho with water and used a piece of household string.  I dipped the string in the diluted Brusho colour and pulled it out, running it through my fingers to remove some of the moisture.  Then you lay it on the card in a wiggly pattern, fold the card over, close the book, apply a little pressure and pull!!   Very cool.

Here I used quite dilute Emerald Green Brusho and some embroidery thread.  This one makes me think sympathy.  Because you fold the card over you get two images from one pull!!  I do love a quick and easy technique!!!!

I simply edged the panels with ink and mounted them on matching colour card bases.   If you never tried this technique then I recommend giving it a try. 

I hope you liked my project today.  Don't forget to hop over and check out the Create with Colourcraft fb group for more fun and inspiration. 

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