Friday 6 March 2020

Tyvek Screen

This week I've made a screen from Tyvek Paper.

I had the A4 sheets of Tyvek paper which I took to my daughter who has a Silhouette Studio Cutter. We selected the Vine Lace pattern and cut four A4 panels. 

You could use A3 sheets or the 10m x 1m Roll which Colourcraft also stock. if you don't have access to a cutting machine then place the Tyvek paper on a self-healing cutting mat. You may want to use a temporary positioning adhesive to hold the Tyvek paper in place. Cut with a sharp cutting knife.

I fancy getting a roll and creating a hanging room divider. 

The advantages of Tyvek cutting are:
ease of cutting, it is durable so you don’t have to worry about tearing and ripping like you do with paper, your finished product is durable. 

I tried out the arrangement I liked linking the A4 pieces.

I chose to sew the pieces together with white thread but you can stick Tyvek with waterproof PVA wood glue.

I used bulldog clips to avoid pinholes and sewed with a fine size 60 needle. I started in the middle of the join and sewed to each end to avoid slipping. As I added more pieces I rolled the length on my sewing machine plate.

I punched a couple of holes in the top and hung with picture hanging cord.

Although I hung this screen on the inside of my window, as Tyvek is water-resistant, I may well use it as a garden decoration.

I am undecided about whether to colour my screen. I like the simplicity of the natural white but wonder about spraying with Brusho Shimmer Spray(s), for example. What do you think?

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