Saturday 7 March 2020

Easter bags of fun

If you are anything like me, I get carried away at Easter time and buy too much chocolate :)  So this year I have decided to make individual bags for the children and pop  mini eggs into them.

This idea can just as easily be used for birthday treats or for Christmas gift bags.

Firstly, I got out my brushos - ooh - look I found these fabulous stickers for them - one for each colour. I also stick a push pin in the top as this enables me to control the amount of powder that I sprinkle out at a time. For this project, I used lemon and lime green coloured brusho powder.

Firstly I placed a stencil over a plain piece of white card and then sprinkled a tiny bit of each colour on top of the stencil.  I used a fine spray bottle - the Colourcraft one works brilliantly - to spritz a tiny bit of water which activated the brusho crystals. I removed the stencil and dried the card with a heat gun.

These tiny bags I found quite inexpensively in my local craft store and I cut the card to fit the front panel. Before adhering the card to the bag,  I stamped some images with black ink.

I then took a 60cm piece of tissutex and sprinkled some lemon brusho crystals onto it. I spritzed them with water and this created a lovely all over colour.  I dried this with a heat gun. 


I popped the dry tissuetex into the bag with some excess showing for decoration. 
Voila - all ready for Easter eggs when the time is right.

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