Wednesday 20 November 2019

Quick Christmas cards by Karen

It is fast approaching the time when I need to be sending out Christmas cards and I have been doing 'one sheet wonder' style cards where you use every bit of one sheet of paper to make lots of cards. I applied this to these cards today by creating a colourful sheet with Brusho Crystal Colours in traditional Christmas hues of red and green and then cutting it up to make my cards.  Although there are 6 cards in the photo, I actually made seven in just a few hours.

I used a 30 x 30 cm (12" x 12") heavyweight paper and sprayed it with water before sprinkling it with Brilliant Red, Gamboge, Olive Green and Emerald Green Brusho powders. I dabbed with a paper towel anywhere that there seemed to be too much water or the colours were running together and becoming too brown.

I dried this with a heat tool before spraying and flicking Brusho Gold Shimmer spray on to it and letting this dry naturally.

I recycled a cereal packet by painting the inside with Aztec Metallics Gold Paint and used this to die cut my text and embellishments. It looks streaky in the photo but it dries to a lovely metallic sheen as you can see in the embellishments below.

I'm pleased with how the cards turned out and I just have a few die cut baubles and a small piece of gold card left over. I'm sure they will make their way on to another card: Nothing wasted!

Hope this helps you if you have lots of cards to make.

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