Saturday 23 November 2019

Fabric-Paper Julbockar (Yule Goats!)

One of the techniques which I find quite fun and useful to do within Art Quilting is something called
"Fabric-Paper". Basically, this is a method of adhering decorative papers to fabric which makes the paper more durable for sewing with. I wouldn't use this technique for something that needs to be washed- but it certainly makes something which can be more easily cleaned with a damp cloth.

I started by decorating my own paper- some of them I sprinkled some Brushos on for more depth. I used a combination of every day objects for doing my printing! The ends of a thread spool, an eraser- whole and also carved, a rubber stamp from Rubber Dance, a piece of recycled rubber- the options are endless!
I poured a little of Colourcraft's Eco Acrylic Paint onto a sponge to apply paint to my objects and stamped away!

After these had dried, I cut circles out of my papers- slightly bigger than the figure I was going to cut out later, and adhered these to calico fabric using Fabric Medium as a glue. The nice thing about this medium is that it gave a nice matte texture to my pieces.

I then traced my "Julbock" template onto the backs of these circles and cut them out.

Now I have a bunch of fun critters to sew onto Christmas cards or whatever!

If you want to find out more about what exactly the Julbock is- check this link out!

See you next time!

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