Wednesday 3 July 2019

One layer scrapbooking page by Karen

This project started with a plain white page and my photo and I selected the materials I initially thought to use. As usual, that all goes out the window once I get started!

As I sprayed the paper with water and then sprinkled on Lime Green Brusho Crystals I swiped it across the page with a paper towel and then dabbed the Cobalt Blue to soften the colour too.

Liking the result so far, I diluted some Emerald Green and used the same paper towel to dab that over a compass shaped mask for a background detail.

To add more detail, I stenciled some Design-It paste in glossy white in three different places. I then used my favorite technique for stamping with Brushos: I rub the powder, in this case Emerald Green, dry and directly on to the stamp with my finger and then spritz the stamp with water. This allows repeated stamping and gives a soft watercolour effect. If the colour starts to fade, another spritz of water allows several more stampings.
(Quick note on this technique: The intensity of colour in Brushos can stain transparent stamps although they are not harmed by this. Also be careful to wash your stamps thoroughly after using this technique so that the colour doesn't transfer at a later date.) 

As I was then happy with the background, I added the photo, some stamping and a border to finish the page. Whilst I feel everyone has to scrapbook to their own style, I like to keep my scrapbooking pages flat as they fit easily in to an album and I also like to keep the photo as the focus without lots of distracting papers and embellishments. I deliberately used a large format for this page so I didn't feel it needed much else. I hope you like it: It brings back happy memories of a fabulous spot, Ballycotton in Ireland, that we found purely by chance.
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