Wednesday 24 July 2019

Natured Inspired Index Cards with Suzi

Good Day All, Today It's my pleasure to share with you my latest creations using ExpandIt Paste and Eco Acrylic Paints.  Our theme this month is 'The Wonder of Nature' so I decided to have a play with ExpandIt Paste to see if I could use it to mimic some textures from nature.  I decided to use Index Cards for my project, they are a great size for trying new techniques and you can easily write on the back the processes you used, so you have a record for future projects.

I have 4 Index Cards to share with you today, I used Black ExpandIt Paste for the background on two of them, and Natural ExpandIt Paste on the other two.  I spread the ExpandIt thickly on one card, and thinly on the other.  I then heat set them all, and let to rest.

I used the thickly applied Black ExpandIt background for this project, I painted the background with Eco Acrylic Paints in Pthalo Green, Leaf Green and Cadmium Yellow Hue.  I painted another Index card with Scarlet Eco Acrylic Paint and then stamped Ladybirds onto it with black permanent ink, once dry I die cut the ladybird and triple embossed them with clear embossing powder.  I took a couple of word stickers added them to black card and them triple embossed them to coordinate with the ladybirds.  

I then wrote on the back, everything I'd used, and the processes used too;

My second Index card was very simple to make, I used the thinly applied Black ExpandIt background.  I then painted my left hand with Natural ExpandIt and pressed it onto the background.
I then heat set it.  Here's the finished result;

My third and fourth Index cards are based on flowers.  For the first one I used the thinly applied Natural ExpandIt background and painted it with Magenta Eco Acrylic Paint.  I then mixed some Natural ExpandIt with Cadmium Yellow Eco Acrylic Paint and used a syringe to apply small blobs of it to the centre of the card.  I then heat set it.  I then decided to added some shading with a Koh-I-Noor Progresso Aquarelle Pencil.

I wanted to create the impression of a macro photo of a flower.

For the second floral Index card, I decided to try to create an abstract flower.  I used the thickly applied Natural ExpandIt background onto which I applied a block of Magenta, Leaf Green and Viridian Eco Acrylic Paint.  I then applied a row of small blobs using the syringe and Natural ExpandIt and Cadmium Yellow mix.  I heat set the blobs and once dry added some shading to give the impression of a stem and petals with the Koh-I-Noor Progresso Aquarelle Pencil.

I love the different textures and effects you can created with the ExpandIt Pastes. It's such a fun and easy to use product, I look forward to using it on future projects.  If you've not tried it yet, you really do want to get some, I've only tried it on card and MDF so far, next I think I'll try it on fabric, as It works wonderfully on that too.

Thanks for visiting with us today, Don't forget to visit the ColourCraft Website to get all the supplies you need to try the techniques I've used.

Bye for now

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