Saturday 13 July 2019

Butterfly banner

Summer is a great time for outdoor eating and using colourful bunting for decorations!

Inspired by the wildlife in my garden, I set to work to make a bunting banner using Expandit and butterflies. It is so much fun to see the way that the Expandit bubbles and puffs up as it is heated! I used my trusty brushos to give it all a splash of colour.

Firstly I stamped some butterflies on card in black archival ink.  I used 300gsm card as that it takes all the water that I spritz on it. I then sprinkled brushos onto the card and gently spritzed them to create a varying shades of blue, lemon and crimson on the butterflies.

 I dried them with a heat gun and then fussy cut them all out (I know that some people don't like fussy cutting but I do, I find it most therapeutic.)

I decided to create some butterflies using Expandit for more texture and variety. I took some of the Expandit out of the pot and spread it thinly on my work surface with a paintbrush.  I lightly touched the stamp into the Expandit and then heated it using a heat gun until it puffed up. I cleaned the stamp straight away.

 I coloured the puffy butterflies in the same way as before and then cut them out.

I repeated this many times until I had made enough butterflies in all three colours.

I then turned my attention to the bunting.  I applied the Expandit through a stencil using a plastic palette knife and heated it with a heat gun.   I then coloured it using green brushos. You can see below how fluffy and puffy it got!

I then adhered the butterflies to the bunting bases using glue and overlapped them in varying colours. Happy crafting everyone!

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