Monday 1 July 2019

Painting with hands is fun! Canvas with Ewelina

Hello on this hot and sweaty Monday!!!
As you probably know from my past posts, I have been tasked by my family with making a 'series' of canvas to decorate the upstairs landing of my house. We have redecorated last year and completely changed the colour scheme from shades of green to grey/prussian blue/cherry pink, which has left me with completely unusable 8 various size canvas prints. Hence the task...

For this one, I wanted to use both Brusho and Acrylic paint to create various shades and degree of coverage.

 I started by gessoing over the original print - I needed two layers to completely get rid of the green background. Once that was dry, I used Aall&Creative stamps, Crafter's Companion black waterproof ink and black embossing powder to create the first layer of design. I embossed only some parts of the stamped designs to make it slightly more uneven and textured. By now, you probably know that I am not much of an 'all nice, neat and even' kind of crafter.

I found this scissors stencil amongst my piled up stash of stencils and used it to add Heavy Body Gel (both Finnabair) creating a textured strip across the centre of my canvas. I then made sure it was completely dry before moving on to adding colour. If you think I have used my heat gun for that... well... I would have but it died on me (a second one in 4 weeks!!!) while embossing the background so I had to use my hairdryer (AGAIN!!!) to finish the project... what a learning curve hahaha

So... colour... 
On the scissors, I sprinkled Black and Grey in the centre and Prussian Blue and White on the outside edge, sprayed with water and dried with the hairdryer - it was a bit tricky to start as it's so much more powerful than the heat gun so the paint was just going all over the canvas and not necessarily where I wanted it to go... but it worked. I kept adding the powders and water as I dried to make sure I had the colours I wanted.
Once satisfied with the centre, I moved on to working on the edges with Alizarin Crimson. I allowed the colours to flow into each other creating new shades and a bit of an ombre effect. Again, I kept on sprinkling and misting as I went until I liked the result.

Now for the fun/messy part...
With White Eco Acrylic and my hand, I blended the colour on the top half of the canvas, I kept adding it and working with my fingers creating lines and layers of shades of pink.

When finished, I smudged my almost dry hand on the scissor designs and along the edges leaving some colour here and there - you can see it in the close-ups.

 Painting with hands is so much fun!!! I know it's messy and it might be tricky to remove the paint stains after but it's definitely something I find extremely enjoyable and relaxing.

Well, that's the outcome of my messy play.

See you next time!

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