Monday 15 July 2019

Quick Brusho art journal entry with Ewelina

'Bright' was in my head when I sat down to making this art journal page so I opted for Sunburst Lemon, Alizarin Crimson and Rose Red as my base.

Since Brushos are water-reactive, I wanted to try 'lifting' some colour through a drop stencil.
To do this, I placed the stencil on my chosen area, sprayed it with water and dabbed with a paper towel; I repeated this process 3 times to make sure the colour lifted well.
It didn't look too great while still wet but once I've dried it, I could clearly see the pattern.

I used the same stencil to add droplet outlines in the two opposite corners.

I used white Eco Acrylic to add cross pattern in the corners.

To finish, I added a a quote and... it's done!

The page is so cool and definitely bright!!!

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