Monday 11 February 2019

Cute, layered gift tags with Ewelina

You know that awkward time when it turns out you have forgotten about someone's birthday or when you need to say a last minute 'thank you' but a bottle of wine is all you have and seems slightly impersonal to give it without a card? I'm the queen of such situations - I'm so rubbish at remembering these things!!! So I decided to be prepared this time and make some super cute, all-occasion gift tags. 

I wanted to stamp ombre designs on the canvas tags - that was the plan... the rest just kind of happened...

I used purple and Violet orchid Opaque fabric paints which I dabbed onto the stamp and then transferred it onto the tags.

I added metal studs to reinforce the holes in the tags... Now, it was time to start improvising.

I picked Little Birdie Crafts flowers and Chipboards and a variety of Kraft tags from Canvas Corp.
After assembling little compositions on the canvas tags (and making sure that the stamped design was still visible), I layered the tags over one another and... voila!

It might be cheating a bit but now I have some emergency gift tags.. you know, just in case...

See you next time!!!

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