Monday 25 February 2019

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Hey everyone!

I want to share with you my latest obsession - embroidery hoops.
I have loads of various types of canvas and burlap and have been creating loads of different projects after stretching them on various size embroidery hoops; some of them are mixed media, some are just fabric, some are painted canvas - just like this one.

To start, I chose the hoop I was going to use and outlined it on the canvas so that I knew what area I was working on. (Make sure you have an eraser ready to later on remove the outline! It took me good 15minutes to find a white eraser which wouldn't leave colourful lines on the fabric... oh, well...)

I attached the canvas to a cardboard to make it easy to stencil on and then attached the stencil where I wanted to add the design. It's important to stop both the fabric and the stencil from moving during the process to avoid smudges and spills.

Rather than using block colours, I tried layering and blending them a bit.

After removing the stencil, the design looked a little bit 'square' so I randomly added some more flowers to build it up.

Now for the hard part (for me) - writing.
I test-wrote the word first and once I was happy with the outcome, I transferred it onto tissue paper. That allowed me to play with the placement on the canvas; once I decided where to add it, I transferred it on to the canvas ready for painting.

I used my old PIGMA BrushPen and black paint to write the word - I find it works better than using regular paint brush.

Now that all the painting was done and dried, it was time to do some stretching... 
It's important to aim for the hoop to be where the outline you previously pencilled. Oh, and don't forget to erase it!
Once you're happy with the placement and tension of the fabric, tighten up the hoop and trim off the excess fabric.

Simple but pretty. 
You could add some fabric flowers or hand-stitch the wording...I am leaving mine just as it is right now.

See you next time!

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