Monday 1 January 2018

Souvenir - mixed media with Ewelina


It's the first day of the New Year and... most of you are probably still asleep :)

I thought that starting new year is usually slightly painful for a variety of reasons... one of them would probably be staying up most of the night and celebrating in loads of different ways... wink wink... so what better way to make it slightly more bearable than by inducing some colourful craftiness into it? 

As with Christmas been and gone, I am now left with piles of cardboard boxes and plastic postal bags that contained the more or less useful gifts for my family before they received the fancy paper wrap treatment. So being the conscientious recycler I am, I got down to separating paper from plastic and I found this little treasure - a thick card sheet with a chicken-wire-like texture. The crafty lightbulb pop up straight away... I need to use it!!! So I did!

Why SOUVENIR? Because every time I look at it, it reminds me that even in a pile of rubbish you can find something that yo can turn into a piece of art. 

Tyvek paper flowers are so awesome!!! The paper plays with heat creating amazing texture and dimension.

ExpandIT added texture to the background while soaking up its colours and blending into it crating uniform surface.  

Layering Brusho Shimmer Sprays and Aztec Metallic Paints allowed me to achieve the fading effect - darker and more metallic towards the edges.

Here is the process:

So here it is again - my found treasure...

I hope you have an amazing New Year!!!

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