Monday 29 January 2018

I heart my canvas - printing with Ewelina

Welcome to my bi-weekly crafty instalment!

Last time, I made some easy peasy Valentine's Day cards and I thought that a follow up with a bit of decor and gift bag would be a good idea. I opted for something more rustic than usual (why not?!) and used a wooden heart shape to print on a plain canvas sack and a set of a canvas round coasters.

Not too bad, right?

Canvas Coasters

I started with a set of plain canvas coasters, two heart shaped wooden shapes and two Opaque Fabric paints - Magenta and Scarlet.

The process is very easy and quick - cover your 'stamp' with the paint and...

... stamp!

First is the heart in Magenta.

Then the same with the Scarlet paint.

And here are your coasters - make sure you let the paint air-dry or use your heat gun (you know which on I did!).

Canvas Gift Sack

The base of this gift sack is a very uninteresting plain canvas sack. What makes it awesome is that it's exactly what it says on the label - plain canvas - which means that you can do with it as you wish and embellish it in any way you want! So whatever the occasion - this plain sack is your saviour!

As with the coasters, I coated the 'stamp' with Scarlet paint and stamped all over the bag and heat-gun dried it before proceeding with the next colour.

The second layer of hearts was in Magenta - some of the hearts overlap, some don't; don't worry about it as this is exactly what handmade gifts are about. Embrace the imperfections!!!

The finished and filled sack full of goodies is a yummy surprise for its new owner.

Here is the finished set.

Have a great Valentine's Day!!!

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