Saturday 27 April 2019

Faux Tile with Brushos

Spring is blooming and we are cleaning and redecorating our kitchen! We saw some cool prints somewhere that looked like tiles, and I thought "hey! I can make my own". A little Brushos, watercolor paper and a hand made stencil and here it is!

The process is pretty simple. First I cut a square of freezer paper and folded it into quarters. I then drew a design, cut it out and then ironed it (shiny side down)onto a square piece of watercolor paper. I also taped around the edges.
You can see the pencil lines of the design I drew in the upper left hand corner of the picture. 
I then chose three different blue Brusho powders and sprinkled them liberally on my picture.
Then just add water! I like using a small spray bottle for this as you get a nice mist.
Let the entire piece dry thoroughly and then remove the tape and freezer paper.
My freezer paper wasn't ironed completely flat over the entire piece, so some of the color ran under some of the mask- but I really like the final effect! 
I hope you enjoyed this project!
See you next time!

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