Wednesday 6 March 2019

Acrylic Ink ATCs with Suzi

Good Day All, Today I'd like to share with you a set of ATCs (Artist Trading Cards) I've created using Acrylic Inks, Stamps and a Bamboo Pen.  

Here's how I created my project;

First of all I started adding Acrylic Ink to Mixed Media Paper with a Brush;
Here's the first few colours I added, If you add colours next to each other whilst wet they will blend, or you can leave each colour to dry before adding a different colour, then you get a lovely layered effect.

I then added some more layers of colour

I then trimmed the paper down, cutting out 4 ATC sized pieces for this project.
I then took some Clear Stamps from my stash, and using the Black Acrylic Ink and a piece of sponge, I stamped some images onto my backgrounds.
I then added a little of the Black Acrylic Ink onto my acrylic block and used it to add a few splodges to my ATC.

Here's my ATCs with the images stamped on them, and the additional splodges of ink

I then added some Ultramarine Acrylic Ink to the background of the ATCs and Scarlet and Yellow Acrylic Ink to the Flowers.  I then decided to add a couple more flowers to one of the ATCs so I stamped them onto some card, coloured with Scarlet and Yellow Acrylic Ink, left to dry, and then added some details using Black Acrylic Ink and a Bamboo Pen.
I then added the extra flowers to the ATC, and some more details to all the ATCs using the Black Acrylic Ink and Bamboo Pen.
I then added some highlights with White Acrylic Paint.
At this point I decided the ATCs were pretty much finished, although I didn't like the writing I'd added.  So I added some White Acrylic Paint to the Balloon ATC to cover the writing, and represent clouds, once dry I added some Ultramarine and Emerald Green Acrylic Ink.

I'm quite pleased with how the Balloon ATC turned out, the Acrylic Ink over the Acrylic Paint gives a really interesting texture, so I'll be playing with that technique more in the future.

Here's all the ATCs once finished;
I loved working with the Acrylic Inks, you can get some lovely layering effects, and the colours dry really bright and vibrant.  It's the first time I've used a Bamboo Pen, and I have to say it's a really wonderful tool to use, feels really nice to use, and gives lovely crisp lines.

I hope you've enjoyed ready about my project as much as I enjoyed creating it, I'll definitely be playing more with Acrylic Inks in the future, and hope I've inspired you to give them a go.

That's all from me for today
Bye for now

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