Friday 15 March 2019

Bright flowers in a vase using Colourcraft acrylic inks by Rebecca Yoxall

Hey everyone,

I've got a really cheerful and simple illustrated artwork for you today using the wonderful acrylic inks and a permanent drawing pen.
I love working this way as it's so spontaneous, doesn't need much preparation and can lift your mood in an instant working with such gorgeous vibrant colours.

I've worked on Khadi paper for this as it has a lovely texture and the inks look so luminous on it.

I started by drawing out my flowers. I have done this from imagination but what could be better than getting your own fresh bunch of flowers and drawing from life.

For this kind of artwork it's all about simplicity, taking the general essence of the flowers and creating a stylised and fun piece.

I drew with a permanent black fine line pen for the sketchy and loose feel.

Once happy with my design I began the colour inking stage.

 I like to pick up a little of the acrylic ink with a pipette and drop it onto a palette so that I can fill a brush and paint freely. 

For the Rose I used Purple and then moved around the piece adding little touches of purple and Ultramarine mixed together.

The marigolds were painted in using the Yellow and Orange ink. I quite enjoy when the ink doesn't fill the whole flower and bits of white paper show through.

I continued on with the Orange and Yellow onto some of the other flowers.

I decided to leave one flower white.

To help show off the white flower it was necessary for me to paint around the edge of it with some greens. For this I used Emerald green as a base and then tinted it lighter with yellow for one mix and then darker with Ultramarine for another mix.

Continuing with the green shades to add depth and trailing leaves.

The vase/jug was painted wet into wet by brushing water onto the paper surface and lightly dropping small amounts of the colours that were already mixed on my palette.

I wanted to include a little sparkle in the piece and so chose to use the Brusho SprinkleIT powder. Pop a little water on the paper to allow the SprinkleIT to adhere and it adds a wonderful shimmer.

A few splatters of ink (because I can't resist!) and a few little flourishes in the way of lines here and there and it's complete.

These look great as greetings cards and unlike watercolour are permanent and wont run if re wet.

Hope you've enjoyed this little demo.
Let us know what you think.
See you soon

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