Wednesday 23 May 2018

Scrapbooking with Brusho Crystal Colours by Karen

I often create my own backgrounds on my scrapbook pages or albums using Brusho powders, building up the strength of colour where I want it and to match or contrast with my photos. This page also gives me the opportunity to explain a bit more of how I use embossing ink to hold the colour from the powder in patterns on the paper.

In my last post <here> I used a stamp and transparent embossing ink to hold the Lemon Brusho in a striped pattern: On this page I sponged embossing ink through a stencil, roughly in the centre of my 12" x 12" watercolour paper. I hope you can see that in the photo below:

Then I sprinkled Leaf Green Brusho over the ink and other parts of the page and pounced the powder on to the ink with a paintbrush. The humidity of the ink immediately starts to activate the colour:

When I then misted the page with water, the colour remained strongest in the pattern I had stenciled. I love this technique for adding texture and pattern to papers.

I laid out the other elements I was thinking of using on my page and, roughly following the colours in my photos, decided to add Brushos to colour some of these. I livened up the plain grey postage tag with some tone-on-tone Grey Brusho: I misted the tag with water, sprinkled some colour and created a border by dragging a paintbrush round the edges spreading out some of the colour there.

I also used 3 different tones - Gamboge, Light Brown and Dark Brown - to colour my die cut bird and branch. Again misting water and sprinkling colour and this time using a paintbrush in a circular motion to make sure all the paper was covered without making the colours too uniform. I worked over another piece of paper that I used to die cut the word 'ensemble' (together) from.

I coloured a further piece of paper with Leaf Green Brusho and die cut leaves to transform my bare branch in to something better resembling springtime. A few additions of scrapbook paper and a stamped and written label and my page is ready for the album!
Thanks for passing today. I'll leave you with a few detail shots:

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