Saturday 23 September 2017

Lutradur Lace Effect Cards by Sarah Allan

Hi Everyone!

I hope you are all having a great start to your weekend and for those of you visiting the Yarndale event this weekend I hope you manage to pop along to the Colourcraft Stand and say hi to everyone :)

My project today is the Lutradur Lace effect,and I have to admit that I am having a lot of fun experimenting and learning new techniques with all these lovely products that we have been given in our design team package to play with and to create lovely new projects for you here on the blog

I have a step by step guide for you on how I created this effect and even as I am typing up this blog post I am already thinking of the different ways I can use this product in the future

Step 1
Take a piece of Lutradur (i used 70) which is the medium weight and cut a piece off to the size you wish to work with.. and spritz with water

Step 2
Apply colour.. I found that ifyou use brusho acrylic mist sprays they work best for an all over lace effect, if you wish you can use fabric paint, but the lutradur will not lace as much where the paint has been applied.. so if you wish to have solid areas on your piece, apply fabic paint :)

Step 3 

Dab off the excess spray with a paper towel and apply heat with your heat gun to your sprayed lutradur

Step 4
Move your head gun around your Lutradur until the lacing effect starts to happen and continue until you have the desired look you fancy

Step 5

add a touch of shimmer to your lutradur by applying Colourcraft aztec metallic paints to the perimeter of your piece and also to the lacey arear inside

Here are a few close up pictures of the lace effect on the other pieces I made

you can always further embelish your lace pieces by sewing on beads or adding small sequins

now here are the cards that I created using the lace panels, you could also die cut flowers out of your finished lace and layer to create skeleton flowers, which would look great on many projects, even a flower embelishment for a hat..

I hope you enjoyed todays step by step tutorial, donlt forget to let us know what you think and show us your projects using this effect :)

I hope you see you soon, thank you for joining me today here on the Colourcraft Blog, enjoy your weekend!

Sarah x


  1. I really liked these cards, they are different.

  2. Whoa �� haven't seen anything like that before, love the effect. Would it diecut? I'm guessing so if you said you could make flowers.


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