Saturday 9 September 2017

Art Journal Prompt Box by Sarah Allan

Hi Everyone,

I have a fun little project for you all today, one that will give inspiration and help when you are creating your art journal pages..

I have made an art journal prompt box complete with cards..

Firstly I cut out the box using a sizzix die with some heavyweight black cardstock and applied some strong double sided tape to the edges

I then took some leftover scraps from my stencil girl project and applied to the panels of the box

The panels were adhered using a strong double sided tape

The box was then assembled to complete the first part of the project

I then cut out some cards black cardstock measuring 2.5" x 3.5" (same size as ATC's artist trading cards) .. you could also use this project to store your atc's :)

I used the leftover stenciled brusho papers to cover half the journal prompt cards and adhered journal prompts to the other side which were typed out onto white paper and printed.

I hope you enjoyed this fun little project and I shall be back in a couple of weeks with another fun project for you using colourcraft fabric paints!

Sarah x

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