Wednesday 6 September 2017

A Quick And Easy Tote Bag With Fabric Paint By Katie

Hi all

I have a quick and easy tutorial on how to decorate your own tote bags using Colourcraft fabric paints. I used a canvas bag which are about a pound online so not too expensive and great as gift bags.

Draw a heart onto car or craft foam to make a stencil. i drew around a heart shaped plaque to get the shape. then using three fabric paints (Magenta, pink and red) I used the rubber end of a pencil to stamp around the heart with the paints.

I continued to stamp around the inside of the heart until it was full of colour. I places a bit of the fabric paint on to the lid and just dipped the rubber nib in to get the right amount of paint on the end.

Create a ombre effect by starting with the lighter colour and finishing with the darker colour. sometimes you need to go back over some of the dots to get a stronger colour.

The paint once dry is water proof and takes about a day to fully set.

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 Katie Lamb

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