Monday 14 August 2017

Upcycling fabric storage boxes by Ewelina Gryglak

Hello! Ewelina here again.
Couple of weeks ago I have redecorated my craft room and one of the new additions/things helping me to at least try and stay organised is a bookshelf with some fabric containers in which store my finished scrapbooking pages.

While most of the boxes are pretty in teal matching the overall colour theme of the room, one of them was sitting there black and lonely so I decided to treat it to a quick, autumnal makeover using Metallics Fabric Paint and Lutradur 70.

I used the Metallic Fabric Paints and a distressed diamond stencil to create the background. I dipped the sponge in paint and dabbed it through the stencil. Dried the paint with a heat gun and then repeated the process with the second shade.

I then sprinkled some White fabric paint all over to add some contrasting lighter colour.

I cut the Lutradur 70 fabric into rectangles and painted them using the same Metallic paints I used for the background.

Cut the rectangles into leaves and then dry using a heat gun - the heat will cause the fabric to crinkle and contract giving it dimension and texture. Play with the process and use as much or as little heat as you wish - it's your decision when the leaves look the way you want them to.

Once your leaves are ready, you can start the assembly. Glue the leaves first and then add fabric flowers and glass cabochons.

That's it! Your new container is ready!

Now my Colourcraft bookshelf looks even more crafty than before!

Thanks for stopping by!


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