Monday 7 August 2017

Handmade Brusho Papers by Terri Koszler

Today I am sharing a new technique showing how to create handmade paper using Brusho crystals and toilet paper.

Here's a video showing the process

Below are a few ideas on how to create different looks using my technique.

This sample was made by spritzing the paper with a diluted colour and then sprinkling on some brusho crystals. I left the paper in it's natural size with the perforations.

This is a larger piece with overlapped paper sheets, I sprayed them with water and then sprinkled brusho crystals on top. I tore the edges of the paper while wet to get a handmade paper look.

My last sample is simple and crisp. I spritzed the paper with a diluted brusho water mix and then placed a stencil on top before running it through the die cutting machine. I let it dry and then cut the edges with scissor for a sharp clean edge.

As you can see the options are endless, you can change the colours, embossed pattern or the edges to suit your style. You can even die cut shapes once dry.

I used the papers I made to create a card

I used the various papers I made to stamp and cut the leaves in this card.

I hope you'll give this technique a go, If you do please share on social media using the hastags; #brusho #colourcraft


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