Friday 4 August 2017

Summer Holiday by Rebecca Yoxall

How's it going?
The summer holidays are well under way now and I am thoroughly enjoying my break from teaching. I love the summer so much and can't wait to get on the beach, feel the sand and taste the salty sea air. So this is my inspiration for my blog this week.
I would like to share with you an easy way to create a beach scene in Brusho and Aztec Metallics.

Grab a piece of watercolour paper, a couple of brushes, a palette, a wax stick, a few Brusho colours, some water and you can be transported to your very own tropical island.

I used Turquiose, Prussian, Olive Green, Yellow Ochre, Rose and Light Brown Brusho as well as Gold Aztec Metallic paint.

I started by drawing a boat on the horizon with the wax stick and scribbled a little in the water and on the beach.
Using your selected colours shake a small amount of each onto your palette and mix with water.
 I mixed up diluted shades of all the colours with the aim of building colour gradually in the painting. (Brusho can be so intense but also mixes to create amazing subtle colours with plenty of water) I began by applying water to the paper this will allow your colours to merge together even more delicately. Then painting quickly I brushed in colours to capture sky sea and beach.

Whilst these colours were still wet I sprinkled the Brown Brusho into the Beach and the olive green into the left corner. This helps to build tonal contrast as well as interest in the sprinkles.

Once this was dry I had fun painting in the palm trees. The olive green gave me beautiful shades. Mix with the Yellow Ochre for lighter shades and the Prussian for darker shades. 

The next 2 images show detail of how I applied the Aztec Metallic gold to the bottom left and the palm fronds

Final embellishments were made with a pen to enhance the boat and the palm leaves. 

I had great fun creating this and I hope it gives you some ideas for having a go yourself.
Happy Summer :-)


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