Monday 28 August 2017

Rainbow coasters with Ewelina

It's already been two weeks and I am back again! Hello!

The weather seems to be quite OK where I live at the moment and the sunny bright colours put me in a mood that I am not often in... a mood for rainbow-ish, kind-of-unicorn-ish, bright and unusual for me project... 

With that in mind, I took out my metallic fabric paints in Aquamarine, Green, Pink and Purple, a set of canvas coasters from Canvas Corp and Andy Skinner's Sunburst stencil... the problem is... I didn't want it to be flat; I wanted 3D! Then I remembered that in my DT box a mystery mixture arrived - it's called ExpandIT - and I had no idea how it worked...

So I set off to work - to test and play with the new medium which is meant to add texture to my projects in fabric... and honestly?!?! WOW!!! Just, WOW!!!

Can you see this texture?!?! 

Once heated, the medium expands and tons of little bubbles pop up and start growing - it's so awesome to watch! - creating amazing effects.

I used the medium on its own - the white coaster - and mixed with metallic fabric paints - the rainbow/unicorn coasters. SO MUCH FUN!!!

You can see the whole process here:

Thanks for stopping by! See you next time!


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