Wednesday 30 October 2019

Trick or Treat with Suzi

Good Day All, It' Halloween Tomorrow, so I couldn't resist creating a couple of spooky projects for you.  I'm hoping you'll view them as Treat's rather than Tricks, but we shall see!

Here's my first project;
In a previous life it used to hold a note pad, it's got a couple of large magnets on the back, so I thought it would make a wonderful extra large fridge magnet.

The first thing I did was give the board a couple of coats of white gesso to prime it.  I then added some White DesignIt Paste through a spiderweb stencil.  Once dry I dry brush it with some Prussian Blue Eco Acrylic Paint.
The next stage was to create my die cut elements to decorate the plaque.  I used Black Pearl Pigment Powder mixed with Gloss Medium to colour some card for my spooky houses.  I also used some card painted with Yellow and Orange Lustre Paints.

Here's the houses once I'd added them to the board;

To decorate the top half of my oversized magnet, I used a large Trick or Treat Diecut, and layered it over more of the Yellow and Orange paper.

Now onto my second project, which is rather spooky!
I had great fun decorating this polystyrene Skull, Here's how I went about it;

First of all I added White Gesso and Blue Metallic Acrylic Paint to the Skull for my base coats;
I then added a couple of layers of the Metallic Blue to the left side of the Skull, Whilst on the right side I added some White DesignIt Paste through a spiderweb stencil (unfortunately this come out as clearly as I'd hoped, afterall it's tricky stencilling a 3D object, lol).

Next I dry brush some Prussian Blue Eco Acrylic Paint over the whole Skull.  I then decided to add some extra decoration to the Metallic Blue side of the Skull.  Using Snowflake stamps from Crafty Roo Designs, I stamped in Clear Embossing Ink, and Embossed with Stamp and Stick powder so that I could add Silver Foil to the Skull.  I also added some of the Ink to the Eye sockets, nose and teeth, for an extra bit of sparkle.

To finish the Skull I took two large White marbles and added Iris details to them with a couple of paint pens, afterall, Mr Skull needs to see what's going on.

He can be a little careless with his eyes, as you can see from this pics;

Well that's all from me for today, I do hope you like my projects and there were not too scary, especially Mr Skull. 

Have a Happy Halloween
Bye for now

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