Wednesday 23 October 2019

Painted Coasters with Karen

I realised my coasters were in a sorry state, faded and peeling, so I decided to give them a new lease of life. Here is the 'before' picture:

I peeled off loose bits of film then lightly sanded them before giving them a light coat of gesso to give a grounding for the layers to follow.

The first layer of colour was Phthalo Green EcoAcrylic Paint which was sponged over more than half of each coaster.

I finished this layer with Turquoise Eco Acrylic Paint on the remaining part.

I stamped White Eco Acrylic Paint over the frst layer to add more texture and depth.

Then, for a contrasting colour and interest, I used Copper Aztec Metallic Paint to stamp leaves, words and small texture stamps on to the coasters and also to sponge around the edges. This catches the light and shines beautifully.

To make the leaves solid against the background, I painted in the leaf using the same Copper paint. When this was dry, I stamped over the leaves with Black StazOn ink.

To give a drop shadow to the words, I used a fine permanent pen to line the left and bottom edges of the letters. Finally, I used Black Eco Acrylic Paint to add a dot to the centres of the little circles to make them 'pop'.
I have taken my photos before spraying with a varnish but I think this will help to protect the paint layers from the heavy usage these coasters are likely to get. I hope this has inspired you to give your coasters and table mats a new lease of life!


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