Wednesday 9 October 2019

House decorating with Expand-It by Karen

This post is a sneak peek in to a project in progress for a future workshop. Below is the bare cardboard house with its windows, door and the mini album that fits inside. I used ColourCraft Eco Acrylic paint and Expand-It in both natural and black to start its decoration and transform its walls and roof..

The first step was to paint the inside of the roof and inside and outside of the chimney with Eco Acrylic Black Paint.

I used a craft knife to scrape Black Expand-It over the outside of the roof and to stencil a brick pattern on parts of the chimney.

When this is heatd it expands to give a fabulous texture and a suede-like feel. Below is part way through heating the roof so you can see how it alters from shiny smooth to soft and textured. The thicker the paste the more it expands so scraping it on with a craft knife gave me the fine and uneven texture I was hoping for.

Here you can see the roof and chimney finished. I'm going for a cosy house look so thinking I might add some fluffy cotton wool 'smoke' but I also think that would look great with a halloween theme such as witches legs sticking out the chimney

For a more neutral stone colour on the house, I first covered the outer walls in gel medium and then slightly crumpled tissue paper which was given a wash of diluted gesso. I used Natural coloured Expand-It paste through the brick stencil in random places around the walls leaving space for the door and windows to be added later.

I love the texture that the Expand-It paste has given to the house so far. I'll be sure to show you the finished house and mini-album when I have added the details and finished the mini-album that goes inside.

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