Saturday, 15 July 2017

Stenciled Flower Cards by Sarah

Hi Everyone..

I hope you are all having a great day... I have a little tutorial for you today where we will be adding brusho to texture paste to create a coloured paste, this will then be stenciled onto black card and used to create lovely vibrant cards.

Step 1 - you will need a small amount of texture paste

Step 2 - sprinkle on some of your favourite brusho

Step 3 - with a pallet knife work the brusho into the texture paste
Step 4 - Pick your stencil, place on black card and apply your colourful texture paste

Step 5 - Remove stencil and set aside to dry naturally

Step 6 - mix a small amount of brusho with water and paint direct to the stenciled paste to add highlights around the edges

Step 7 - Once your texture paste is completely dry you can then use these to create some clean and simple cards...

I loved adding brusho to the texture paste, you can even create custom colours by mixing brusho together into the paste ...  I hope you enjoyed today's cards and try out this fun technique to create some of your own bright and colourful cards

Sarah x

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  1. I love brusho in texture paste, such a cool technique.