Monday 31 July 2017

Brusho Tree - art journal by Ewelina Gryglak

Hello! Ewelina here again.
Today, I have for you a quick and fun art journal entry with Brusho powders. 
I like playing in my art journal when I don't really have a lot of time but have an urge to do something creative. Between doing the washing and cooking dinner, I grab my journal and some paints and just play.

This time, I opted for a simple tree stencil and some texture paste (mixed white gesso with some 13arts 'magic powder'), which dried creating some deep crackles. 

Why crackles? Well, the tend to let the pigment in and that way create additional impression of dimension and texture.

Once my tree was dry, I sprinkled Bursho powders all over the page. 

Shades of green on the trow crown, light brown on the trunk and shades of blue on the background around the tree.

I then lightly sprayed it with water and watched the magic happen...

For me, the best part of playing with Brusho is that you never completely know how the pigment crystals are going to dissolve and what the final result will be. 

The one thing I do know for definite is that it will look cool! And it does!

Thank you for stopping by today. 
See you next time!



  1. Lovely, so simple to sprinkle the brushos in different areas, but creates an effect that looks like it took ages! The shades on the paste versus the card in the leaves are lovely.


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