Monday 12 March 2018

Believe in Angels with Ewelina

I'm kind of in a crafty Easter mood these days but for some reason, this year I'm all about golden eggs, golden baskets and golden everything. Don't know why because I've never associated Easter with that colour before; it was always about the green grass and colourful dyed eggs in gorgeous wicker baskets. Oh, well...

When I sat down to making this project, I took my Aztec Metallic Paints in all shades of gold available and started to play and started layering them around this 12x12cm wooden board. I also added some stamping in the background.

I am not sure if I mentioned that the DesignIT paste is another cool product that I love playing with - I tend to put it into a silicone mould and, once the design dries, use it to add very detailed texture to my projects.

You can see here how brilliantly the DesignIT lace blends into the background - it almost looks like it's part of it rather than added on top.

The MDF wings have been outlined with a black Sharpie and the painted with Pearl Metallic Aztec Paint - I wanted them to contrast with the rest of the project.

You can watch the process in my video tutorial:

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