Monday 19 March 2018

Ring of Colour By Terri Koszler

Today I am sharing a project I created using Brusho Acrylic shimmer sprays and Brusho colour crystals.

I started by working with a piece of plywood cut into a ring measuring 12" across. I applied a couple of layers of Gesso before wrapping string around the it, I was wanting the string to leave some white areas which will add more detail to my piece.

Working on some old polystrene to protect my work area I applied some Gold Brusho shimmer spray to the inner area or the ring, I will be working from the centre out adding colour in bands of around 1" thickness. 

I then added some Turquoise shimmer spray and then some Violet shimmer spray. The outer edge was coloured with the gold shimmer spray. I let this dry for about 10mins.

Once dry I sprayed each section again with the same colours as mentioned above.  Whilst wet I sprinkled in brusho crystals, Yellow into the gold area,Purple into the Violet and Cobalt blue in to the turquoise, the brusho powder starts to work it's way int o the wet colour and adds depth and interest.

I used my heat tool to push the wet colour from the inner ring to the outer edge of each segment.  I love the pattern that left from the colours travelling.  Lastly I spritzed lightly with water and sprinkled with some white Brusho powder to add little bursts of lightness.

Once dry I cut away the string and revealed my finished piece. Initially I had wanted to create something that resembled a spring flower but now I see a mix of tie-dye and something cosmic.

 I had never thought of using both the Acrylic Brusho sprays with Brusho crystals before but I am thrilled with the result.

Please let me know what you think in the comments below.

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