Saturday 14 September 2019

Monoprinting with Gelli Plates and Leaves

As you have seen from posts by other members on the design team- Autumn is in the air! Soon temperatures will drop and leaves will start to get their beautiful colors.

This week I want to show you how you can use actual leaves and a selection of acrylic paints celebrating the colors of Autumn, to make beautiful monoprints on fabric or paper!
I gathered together a selection of leaves from my garden- fresh, green leaves work best! I also had a Gelli Plate, a rubber roller., and, of course, a selection of Colourcraft Eco Acrylic paints. I had also prepared several 6" squares of unbleached muslin.

I dropped a few colors onto the surface of my Gelli Plate, spreading and blending with the rubber roller. I then laid a leaf on top and rolled some color on that.
I then laid a piece of fabric on top and rubbed it- making it so the paint adhered to the fabric. then gently peeled off the fabric.
Fun! I removed the leaf from the paint, turned it over, and repositioned the leaf.
Below can you see prints from both side by side.
So I took up another leaf and played for a while- applying paint to the plate, the leaf, or both! 

I worked with this leaf for a while- adding paint to the plate, the leaf or both! And here are the results!

I hope you enjoyed this week's blog! We would love to see what you get when you give this technique a try! 


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