Wednesday 25 July 2018

Taj Mahal Index Cards with Suzi

Good Day All, For Today's project I decided to have a play with Brusho Powders and SprinkleIt on Photo Paper. 

I took a selection of Brusho Powders and sprinkled a little onto Photo Paper and then spritzed with water.  Some pages I added more powder to the wet pages to get more intense colour.  
The great thing about using Photo Paper is that it grabs the colour and holds onto it; You can move the colour around a little with more water and moving the paper, but you have to be quite quick.  

Another thing I discovered that I really like is that if you put too much water onto your page, you can layer another piece of Photo Paper over the page and it will pick up colour.  You get quite a subtle result with your second piece, similar to a Ghost Print on a Gelli Plate.

You can also use SprinkleIt Powders on Photo Paper, but the paper doesn't grab them the way it does with the Brusho Powders, it also takes a lot longer to dry.  But once dry it is fairly stable on the paper.

As i'm rather inpatient I decided to try mixing the SprinkeIt Powders with Heavy Gloss Gel Medium, as I know this dries fairly quickly, and is permanent once dry.

I used the Copper SprinkeIt Powder with Liquitex Heavy Gel Gloss Medium, mixed it well together then added it to my Photo Paper through a stencil with a palette knife.

I left this page to dry on it own, and the following page I used a heat gun to dry it;
The heat made the Gel Medium bubble, and the Photo Paper shrink and crack.  This give a lovely distressed finish.

To finish my Cards I added a Tim Holtz Sticker, and outlined the stenciled areas with Black paint pen, and added a doodles frame.

I love how these cards turned out, the sparkle is wonderful in real life.  A great way to make striking cards, and quite quick, so great if you want to batch make them.

I hope you've enjoyed my project today.  
Thank you for visiting with us
Bye for now

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