Wednesday 18 July 2018

Colouring landscape sketches with Brusho Crystal colours by Karen

When I'm on holiday I like to take a few minutes to sketch the stunning landscapes where I can. This view, from the bridge over the ravine in Ronda, Southern Spain, was sketched on the smooth side of A6 watercolour paper. I buy, or cut down larger sheets, this size so they are easy to carry with some sketching pencils ready for when I get a few moments to sketch a view.

However there is rarely time to add colour there and then, so I take a quick photo to add colour to the sketch later.

To colour my sketch I gathered the Brusho colours which reflected this Mediterranean region of dry mountains and olive groves and built up layers of different colour groups. I should say I am not art-trained: For me, this is about relaxing and playing with colour, bringing back memories of a wonderful view, rather than being technical in any way! Nonetheless, I did video my process for you:

I started with the warm colours:
Then the blue and green tones, using different size brushes with washes and stabbing techniques of stronger colours.

I kept adding details or washes of colours until I was happy with the result: This will be added to my scrapbooking as a happy memory of the trip with further happy memories of relaxing and creating my little view of the world.
Do you take time to sketch the world around you? I find it so relaxing when I can.

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