Monday 30 July 2018

Rusty Memories - mini-canvas with Ewelina

I love stencils and texture paste but what I love even more is the designIT paste (used tote called: soft form relief paste) because it allows you to create extremely detailed lacy texture that normal stencil wouldn't.

To create my 'laces' I use cake decor silicone molds - you can find a variety of designs all over the internet. Once my lace was completely dry, I removed it from the mold and glued onto the canvas.

Using Copper sprinkleIT, I created ombre effect on the canvas - dark on the lace, going towards white on the opposite edge of the canvas. You just need to keep adding sprinkleIT and water and dry in between layers until you achieve the effect you're going for. It took me 4 layers before I was satisfied with the result.

Using black gel pen, create a frame - don't worry about it being neat and tidy.

To start building up layers of my cluster, I used Tim Holtz phrases which I smudged with some of the Brusho leftover on my desk after working on the background. I also sprinkled some Yellow Ochre Brusho over the area and sprayed with just a tiny bit of water.

Two strips of lace were glued on top and, again, sprinkled with Yellow Ochre.

While that was drying, I focused on distressing some of the embellishments.
Using Sandstone, Yellow Ochre and Vermillion Brusho powders, I added rusty look to a metal medallion, two chipboards and white epoxy frame.

The last step was to layer all of the elements and add some flowers and rusty colour mini stones.

Here is the final cluster composition - as you can see, despite using only 3 colours on all the elements, there is still plenty of shades and depth.

The designIT lace adds a delicate accent to the otherwise quite 'heavy' and masculine composition.

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