Monday 26 February 2018

Abstract Canvas with Brusho SprinkleIT by Ewelina

Guess what... I am one of the super-fortunate people to have been given the first dibs on playing with the new and eagerly awaited Brusho SprinkleIT. I made a couple of small projects to test them out and let me tell you... they do NOT disappoint!!!

The first was one that you've probably already seen - the colourful mandala with SprinkleIT in GOLD. You sprinkle the colours, then you add SprinkleIT on top; spray with water and... done! The effect is AH-MAY-ZING!!!!

Then there were the iridescent glittery ones...

I made this mini-canvas and I LOVED IT! Even my family, who usually tell me to keep my 'things' in my craft room, liked it to the point that I got 'contracted' to make large canvas to hang in our kitchen.

So here goes...

I got 80x60 cm canvas and although, already primed, I still added a layer of clear gesso - you know, just to be on the safe side.

Once the gesso dried, I sprinkled a horizontal line across the canvas (more or less in the middle) of Azarin Crimson Brusho and Iridescent Silver SprinkleIt.

Then using water mister, I created the base. You can tell where the original 'dry' line was - it's darker. I also kept adding both colour and SprinkleIT until I achieved the look I wanted.

Once the base colour dried (it was quite a wait but worth it!), I stencilled on an irregular design and left to dry overnight.

With black pen, I outlined one side of the stencilled design - the plan was to do the whole thing but it was taking ages and I lost patience... It still looks cool, though!

Now, it was time for the second colour layer - this time, it was Purple Brusho and, again, Iridescent Silver SprinkleIT. The same way as before, I sprinkled a line more or less at the same height as the Crimson one and a couple or delicate random sprinkles all over the canvas. Again, I kept adding both colour and SprinkleIT until I achieved the look I wanted.
I left it overnight to thoroughly dry and then sprayed with a satin varnish to seal.

You might have noticed that one of the sides of the canvas is a bit warped - it's totally my fault as I got carried away when re-stretching the fabric in the frame. Who would have thought that I'm so strong... oh, well.

The colours don't show properly in here but my abstract canvas have a home in my kitchen now!

By the way, remember to stop by the shop March onwards to get your own little jars of happiness, a.k.a. Brusho SprinkleIT!

See you next time!


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