Friday 2 February 2018

Floral Heart Wreath By Rebecca Yoxall

So, February has come around quickly and we know what that means! Valentines is around the corner.
Let me show you a nice design idea using the wonderful Brusho that can be adapted for a personalised card or gift.

First of all I chose a really nice, good quality, watercolour paper and picked out Brusho colours in Rose, Scarlet, Dark Brown, Purple, Emerald green, Yellow and Prussian.

I drew a heart shape faintly with a HB pencil onto my watercolour paper as a basic guide.

Taking the Scarlet Brusho I sprinkled a very tiny amount directly onto the dry paper. The below image shows how very little Brusho powder is required to get beautiful results

I sprinkled near to my pencil line and used a small brush with water to gently drag the colour into petal shapes.

You can look back over my previous blog post for more in depth ideas for painting flowers in this way.

I start to build up the flowers by spacing them around the heart pencil line.

Next I grab the Rose Brusho and do the same, but making these flowers slightly bigger and sprinkling into the wet wash with Dark Brown Brusho gives a lovely mottled texture.

I tried to space the flowers evenly around the heart shapes without looking too regular or uniform.

The heart shapes started to come together once I had painted in some foliage/leaves/stems and few little flowers with the Purple Brusho.
For the leaves I used Emerald Green and a slightly lighter mix of Emerald Green and Yellow. These colours I mixed together in a palette rather than sprinkling onto the paper. This allows me to paint more controlled brush shapes.

I also used a very fine brush to paint with Prussian for some thin stems to contrast.

Once everything was dry I gently erased any pencil line that was showing through my design.

It may feel finished at this point or you could add any words of your choice to personalise.

I hope this shows how simple it can be to get great results with Brusho and how versatile a medium it is. Wishing you a February full of love.

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