Monday 13 January 2020

Stamped Out Cushion Cover with Ewelina

Hey everyone!
It's almost mid-January and for some reason, it feels like my home decor needed some fresh touches... 

Spare half an hour gave me an idea - stamped out cushion!!!

I prepped canvas cushion cover, ARtFoamies and Opaques Fabric Paint (in black an grey because that's my main home decor colours)

I inserted a piece of cardboard into the cover to make it a softer stamping base.

As I wanted to make the design 'fading' and grungy, I used black paint to stamp out the first line.

Just place the ArtFoamie block on the bottom of the cushion and then move along horizontally to create a line.

For the next line, I added some grey to the mix.

And then even more grey, with the final top line stamped out only in grey.

It looks pretty cool and slightly grungy - just how I like it!

It's a quick and easy way to add new decor to your sofa. I love it on mine!!!

See you next time!

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