Wednesday 8 January 2020

Zen Canvas with Suzi

Good Day All, It's my first post of the New Year, So first of all I want to wish you all a Very Healthy and Happy New Year.  So do you have any New Year Resolutions? I don't, after all I never stick to them!  What I do like to do is choose a Word of the Year, something to focus my mind for the forthcoming year.  This Year I wanted a word that would encapsulate getting Healthier, Physically and Mentally and adopting a Positive Outlook, so after a lot of thought I've settled on the word 'Zen', which I think works perfectly.  So It only seemed right that my first project of the year should be a canvas featuring my Word of the Year.

Here's my canvas;

Here's how I created it;

First of all I took a 6 x 6 inch canvas and added a couple of coats of Eco Acrylic Paint, a mix of Leaf Green and Cadmium Yellow Deep Hue.

I then took a stencil from my stash and applied a couple of coats of Metallic Eco Acrylic Paint in Gold.

I wanted to add some flowers to my canvas, so using a floral stencil I applied a coat of Shimmering Pink DesignIt Paste.

I then had a rummage in my craft stash for some letters for my word.  I found some puffy plastic letters the right size, but the wrong colour; so I painted them in Black Eco Acrylic Paint and added them to my canvas.

Once the DesignIt Paste was dry I decided to add more colour to my canvas with some Brusho Acrylic Spray in Sea Green and Turquoise.  I unscrewed the spray mechanism and used the plastic straw like part of it to add the colour where I wanted it.

I added two layers of the Brusho Acrylic Sprays, along with a little water until I was happy with the depth of colour.

Layer one;

Layer Two; 

Once the sprays had dried I decided to add some more of the Shimmering Pink DesignIT Paste to the flowers, this time I used a rubber colour shaper to add the paste exactly where I wanted it.

I then decided to add some details to the centre of the flowers, so I took some sequins and filled the centre part of each flower with them.

To finish the flowers I added a little stack of beads to the centre of each flower.  Once the glue had I dried I decided that I wanted to make the word match the beads a little better, so I added some Metallic Acrylic Paint in Blue to the word, I also added some to areas of the background to tie it all together a little better.

Here's a picture from a different angle, so you can see the lovely shimmer and sparkle a little better;

I adore the finished canvas, and will find somewhere to keep it where I can see it throughout the year to help me keep my focus and Zen.  I really enjoyed creating this Canvas, I love the contrast between the matte colour of the Acrylic Paint & Sprays in the background with the Shimmer of the Metallic Acrylic Paint and DesignIt Paste.  I love how the sequins and beads add shimmer and texture.  I hope you enjoyed seeing how I created this canvas.

That's all from me for today, Thank You for visiting with us.
Bye for now

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