Wednesday 1 January 2020

Upcycled Storage by Karen

Happy New Year! Have you made any resolutions? Mine are based around decluttering and tidying so I started with part of my craft stash. It was getting hard to find things or even to look without setting off an avalanche of things falling in all directions: Time to get organised!
The 'before' photo:

I do like the small wooden trays that we often buy satsuma or clementines in at this time of the year. They are fairly strong, stack easily and are not too big for things to hide in. I had all ready collected a few and I pulled off any loose labels and gave them a coat of white Gesso to try to smooth out imperfections and cover metal staples before giving them a coat of bright Eco Acrylic Paint.  I wrote on each box what they would be used for in black paint and roughly edged round the front of the box to frame this section.

Each box was then treated to a layer of stenciled Design-It paste in Pewter, Aquamarine or Copper and left to dry before I organised my pots and bottles back in to the correct box.

I also gave the writing and borders some white paint highlights which you can see in this photo. This helped make the colours pop and the writing to stand out. You'll also see a fourth box that I decorated to go with the original three and I have another two boxes put aside to do for more supplies.

I still have a way to go to get everything organised but this simple project has been quite a transformation so far: It is so much easier to find things and put them back tidily. I think it will help me use what I have and save time too!
Wishing you a happy, creative 2020!

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