Saturday 4 January 2020

Art Journaling- Five Layers with Brusho and DesignIT paste

I've been a huge fan of art journals for quite some time-but have gotten a bit stuck on how to get started!
As I was looking at and reading about different pages, I saw someone mentioning doing 'five different layers' so I took my inspiration from that.
I had constructed a junk journal a couple of weeks ago- basically cutting up paper bags from different shops, using different off cuts of papers from other projects, as well as some patterned note pads I had. I put a bunch of these together using an easy binding which allows me to remove and re-add pages for ease of working on them.
I selected a two page spread and began to layer.
Layer one- glue on a piece of old wrapping paper.

Layer two- DesignIt pastes in gold and bronze through a large flower stencil.

Layer three- Sprinkle and spray Brushos in Terracotta, Bright Red, Yellow and Black.
Layer four- White gesso sparsely spread through a small flower stencil.
Layer five- text printed, cut out and glued.

And that's that! I really easy and effective way to break into art journaling

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