Saturday 11 January 2020

A Love-ly Little Notebook

A 'love-'ly little notebook 

This is the perfect notebook for recording special memories, special times with a loved one or as a journal for precious photos. I created this using a gel plate and some paints and stencils. What a love! Hehe

Firstly, I put a few small blobs of pink and red paint onto the gel plate and spread it evenly over the plate with a brayer.

Then I place a stencil over the paint layer.  Over the top of that, I placed an A4 sheet of card and pulled a print. Because the stencil had large circles in it the paint was removed. You will see later what a lovely effect this created.

I then removed the stencil to leave a fabulous design on the gel plate.

I then stamped hearts over the top of the stencil print onto the gel plate. I used rubber stamps directly into paint and then onto the gel plate.  NB. Always remember to clean the stamps straight after stamping them into paint. I usually use water only and then wipe them clean with a light damp cloth.

I then brayered a layer of white paint over the whole design.  I then placed a sheet of A4 card over onto the gel plate and pressed it down well all over, and pulled the print to reveal this design. 

To clean the gel plate I use hand sanitizer and a piece of kitchen towel.

I wanted to create some extra depth on the design, so I applied gold and black paint through a stencil.  I used some foam pieces to apply the paint.  The trick to successfully applying paint through a stencil is to not use too much. If you do, it tends to seep through the stencil. So it is best to build up the colour by applying small amounts at a time.

These hearts would be on the front cover of the notebook. I use low tack stencil tape so that it does not affect the card surface and can easily be removed.


I cut the print down to size and glued it to the notebook. I then glued some lace to the front cover.

I know that Valentines Day is some weeks away but I felt that 'love is in the air'  and I am ready.
  I now have this to store some precious photos and stories in. I hope your Valentines shines as bright as this lovely Colourcraft metallic paint!

Happy memories! And sending all love and good wishes!

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