Wednesday 12 September 2018

Paint and Paste stenciled background card by Karen

Hi all! I had a play with my Eco Acrylic paints and Soft Form Relief Paste to create a card today and I remembered to take photos along the way so I can share the stages with you!

The strong colours I chose are not at their full saturation on these first layers as I misted water over my watercolour paper to help me blend the colours out so there is more of a wash of colour, one of Phthalo Green and one where I have pushed the Magenta and Cadmium Yellow around to get orange tones in between them.
Once dry, I spread Shimmering Aquamarine Soft Form Relief Paste through a stencil over the Phthalo Green layer.

While this was drying, I stamped flowers over the other painted layer: Be sure to use an ink that is resistant to water for this stage.
I cut them out leaving a bit of a margin all round. Lovely mix of tones but, for me, a little bland until the next layer of paint is added:
To make them more vibrant and add depth, I then repainted some parts of the flowers with the same colours that I used in the first layer and a fine brush. This makes the different layers blend together but keeping depth between them.

I then decided not to use all the flowers but to add one of my favourite text stamps instead. I blended the Cadmium and Magenta together again on another piece of paper and stamped my text over the top. I added some dots to the flowers with a white pen and glued everything on to a layer of black on a white card to make all the colours really pop!

The sentiment translates as 'If life is a garden, friends are the flowers'.
Stamps and stencil from PaperArtsy.

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