Monday 13 November 2017

Destination unkown by Terri Koszler

Today it's my turn to take you on a journey and hopefully our final destination will be a stunning piece of mixed media art.

How many times as an artist have you sat in front of your materials and not known what to do or where to go with them? If your anything like me then once in a while your artsy mojo is nowhere to be found and you question your ability, style and ask yourself what on earth you are doing.

Well this week I decided to just go with it, throw things at a canvas (not literally) and see where the journey took me, here's my finished piece.

So how did I get there, well I started with a piece of primed canvas and some Brusho Mist Sprays, I thought about spritzing but decided to get out the Pipettes and drip colour down the canvas.

I then wanted to add something metallic into the project so I decided to play with the copper Aztec Eco paints and some transparent soft form relief paste. I mixed equal parts in a container and then used a pallet knife to apply it to various areas of my project.  It goes on a little cloudy but then as it dries the copper colour takes over and really shines. I spritzed the whole project with water to allow the colours to merge.

Using the same method of mixing paint and soft form relief paste I mixed up a batch of Aquamarine coloured paste, which I put into a mould to create some gems. Whilst they were drying I moved onto adding some black soft form paste through a stencil onto the canvas.

I used some stamps from Visible Image to add background interest and I also stamped and embossed a butterfly onto vellum. I used the sentiment from the Butterfly set to stamp onto some card which I coloured using the copper aztec paint.

Once my gems had dried,  24 hours later...... I used some gold thread to stitch them to my canvas, adding another layer of dimension and interest to my piece.

  I then finished it all off by adding a black mount.

Thank you for coming on a journey with me today. I'd love to know if you ever suffer from a lack of inspiration and what you do to get it back, leave me a comment below.


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